Questions with Patrick Campbell of Price (New Series) cc @ Patticus

Hello All – I’m back! After a GMAT enforced hiatus, I decided to start a new series. In the next several weeks, I will post interviews with some (mostly) Boston based tech and/or businesspeople. My goal with this is basically to satisfy my curiosity about people and businesses that I am interested in, not to mention spreading good word and having a little fun.  We start this week with Patrick Campbell, a former Googler and all around whiz who recently co-founded Price, a startup that he can explain far more cogently than I…

1) You have had a diverse sequence of jobs – DoD, NGOs, Google, Gemvara, and now Price How have these experiences been helpful in founding your own company?
Even though my experiences look fairly divergent, each provided valuable insights that shaped the way I think and the way I run a company. For example, the US Intelligence Community gave me an unparalleled education in analytical frameworks and scrappiness; Google taught me the importance of culture and management through coaching; and Gemvara laid a foundation for cuddling with the chaos that a startup embodies and keeping the customer first.

More importantly, these experiences were more instrumental in shaping why I made the leap in the first place. When the decision point came, I knew what was already out there (different industries, type of work, etc.). I also knew that co-founding Price Intelligently was the only option that floored my passion and revealed the best way up the mountain to my goals.

2) Landing a job at Google is an accomplishment – what was your role there like?
My time at Google was phenomenal and not just for the scrumptious food. I worked as a Strategist, initially pounding the pavement selling Adwords solutions to small, medium, and large businesses. While there I went back to school to learn to code, and although I would never call myself a developer, I combined my Economics background with script to build some web applications that helped solve the Traveling Salesman Problem and facilitated in the proper prioritization of a sales team’s book of business. After scaling things out across the North American sales team, I knew I needed to find a role where the time between concept and implementation was considerably quicker, something easily found in the world of startups.

3) What led you to take a big risk, leave Gemvara, and found Price
I loved (and still love) Gemvara. What Matt and the rest of the team are building is truly remarkable. I spent the bulk of my time there working on their pricing opportunity. Imagine trying to build out a framework to price 1.3 million different pieces of jewelry that a potential customer could access at any one time. While I dug into the problem though, I discovered how enormous of an opportunity the pricing space provided. Mostly everyone is just guessing or guessing based on faulty data. After some more research, I realized I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make the leap into helping folks optimize their prices.
4) What is your long term goal for Price

We’re going to show businesses that after putting so much time, effort, and cash into their products, there’s no excuse for guessing on the lever that has the largest impact on your revenue. We’re going to revolutionize the space by making pricing technology accurate, affordable, and accessible to ensure no one is leaving cash on the table – including us.

That’s all for now. Many thanks to Patrick for agreeing to feature. More interviews to come soon. In the meantime, if you are guessing at prices, you know who to call.

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