Don’t Pay for Storage – The 11″ Macbook Air

My mid 2007 Macbook is the bast computer I have ever owned, period. In more than five years it has never let me down. However, time waits for no machine, and it was becoming obsolete. I couldn’t use the latest versions of Firefox or Chrome, and it was too full of pictures to update properly. Even Delta Airlines’ site told me that my browser was out of date. So, it was time to purchase a new machine. One thing I have always hated about getting a new computer is the process of moving all of your data from the old to the new, and it was no different this time. I had to remove all the pics on the old Mac to an external drive so it could be wiped, upgraded, and put back into use. No more – my new machine is the TINY 11″ Macbook air, and I love it. This is a ~$1000 computer that two days out of the box only has 40GB of storage free. To many, this sounds like a bad deal, but its not as crazy as it sounds.

First, external storage is CHEAP. You can buy a fancy 500GB extrnal drive with a shock resistant, waterproof coating at the Mac store for $150 – compare this to the $100 you pay to upgrade from 64GB to 128 in the air.

Second, I plan to use Google Docs for all my Word Processing and Excel needs (if I really need an INDEX MATCH or COUNTIFS function for something personal…well it might be time for a rethink of how I spend my free time…). This eliminates the need for Office, and saves space. Similarly, I plan to take advantage of the cloud to store images, with a external drive backup.

Third, this thing is really pretty awesome. It weighs something like 2 pounds, and fits easily into the smallest of spaces. With the upgraded 8GB RAM it is super fast, and the new OS allows you to purchase apps from the store just as you can on other Apple devices….Fruit Ninja?!

So, I am not usually a hardware nerd, but I am making an exception for this sweet little machine. It is small, powerful, and really, really cool.

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