Management or Drive by Truckers

Finally after several weeks, I was able to sit down and write a bit. I spent a few minutes fiddling with an old post on management and motivation with little success – I just couldn’t make it work. I thought – “lord, what a dull topic, important as it is – I am falling asleep trying to write about it.” This after two hours spent making potato leek soup, steaming brussels sprouts and watching a Skillshare class on writing Ruby on Rails (I am in the infant stages of learning to code, more later.) This is my life.

Anyway, I decided instead to write about a band I have been listening to often – Drive by Truckers. I’ll make a bold but oft repeated declaration: the Truckers are the best rock band in America. Period.

The Truckers offer three guitars, southern rock pedigree, and brilliant and varied songwriting – check out tracks like “Outfit” and “3 Dimes Down”, but listen most of all to the songs by Mike Cooley such “Uncle Frank” and “Pulaski“. These songs portray downtrodden characters but give them dignity and power while unflinchingly describing their circumstances. Combine this with an incredible array of memorable lines, and you’ve got something to savor.

This recent Truckers kick  – I had known about them but only became obsessed in the last 6 months – is a small part of an alt-country trend in my music habits. Steve Earle and his son Justin Townes Earle, Townes van Zandt, John Prine, et. al. have all been in rotation. I like the simple, pithy songwriting and the honest, no BS perspective. It is a strong antidote to the top 40 and proof that there is plenty of good, new music.

Anyway, that’s all. Listen to the Truckers. Take time to absorb the wit and skill of the lyrics and their rock and roll power, and forget all about management, motivation, and work for a second.

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2 Responses to Management or Drive by Truckers

  1. leslieaudio says:

    Try the dexateens album hardwire healing on for Size. I believe it fits the bill nicely

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